Russia Comes to ChasingBetter
Khada Douglas
MARCH, 2016

Vladislav Lukanin
TOPIC - 5 Russian weightlifting tips to get you stronger for CrossFit.


How to get a 215kg clean and jerk as a 77kg lifter like Vlad Lukanin as a CrossFitter…. well you dont, without training since you were a young child as a weightlifter.


But after doing his seminar and getting to chat with him for the week he was here did show that he had some good tips from weightlifting that can carry over to CrossFit. We do need to lift heavy after all.


Vlad lifts differently to most other weightlifters and EXTREMELY different to the burgener method commonly used by CrossFit athletes and coaches. His method was very simple to learn and teach to others – it was taught to us through very little English spoken. 


Here are 5 key points that can carry over to make you a heavier lifter and better at moving a barbell in those gross barbell metcons.


1. Jump – at one point I questioned whether this was the only English word he knew!

2. Stay relaxed – tension to task

3. HIGH box jumps

4. Bottoms up front squats (Anderson squat)

5. Train heavy often